Materials and finishings

Materials and finishings

The integrated system Coppo/IsoCoppo can be produced with various materials and finishings always guaranteeing the same quality and the same functional characteristics.

External metallic finishings

External metallic finishings Coppo Red

Coppo red

Antiqued Coppo Red

Antiqued Coppo Red



Antique sand

Antique sand

Raw Copper IsoCoppo

Raw copper

Coppo Roma External finishings

Coppo Roma external finishing red coppo

Red Coppo

Coppo Roma external finishing white grey

White grey

Coppo Roma stone grey

Stone grey

Coppo Roma external finishing anthracite grey

Anthracite grey

Internal metallic finishings

The IsoCoppo Piano can be fabricated using different internal finishings. Special wood finishings: the new painted finishing distinguishes itself from the majority of the competition, which instead uses a plastic film, guaranteeing more uniformity and resistance to UV.

internal sheet white gray

White gray

internal sheet IsoCoppo Piano pireneo white

Pireneo white

internal sheet IsoCoppo Walnut wood

Walnut wood

Cherry wood internal sheet IsoCoppo

Cherry wood



It is the best quality material for roofing; its value is absolute, its use is linked to tradition and beauty to the same degree. Copper oxidises over time and is pleasing to the eye; this oxidation protects it and guarantees a long life.
Precautions: For it to be agreeable to install it should be protected against the weather and humidity when storing at the worksite. Do not let it come into contact with incompatible metals.

Prepainted aluminium

Besides its well known physical and chemical properties, aluminium has its own absolute duration, it is ecological, recyclable, ductile; it is easy to machine, cut, drill and bend with every day tools without any risk of rust forming. Its surface colour enhances its appearance to make it quite similar to the usual terracotta brick products.
Precautions: protect the material up until installation. Do not let it come into contact with incompatible metals.

Prepainted steel

This material has excellent resistance to impacts and concentrated loads; it withstands greater loads compared to other materials with the same profile and thickness. The prepainted layer protects it, making it quite similar to other materials to look at, like aluminium.
Precautions: more attention must be paid when installing steel. More specifically: it is advisable to use a nibbler cutting tool. Once cut or drilled remove the metal shavings from the roof. With time these shavings could create stains on the roof or even lead to rust.