IsoCoppo Tek

IsoCoppo Tek

It is a monolithic insulated sheet made in copper, aluminium or prepainted steel with its own particular architectural design in the shape of a Tile.

strenghtened IsoCoppo Tek for civil roofs

IsoCoppo Tek is the new strengthened tile shaped sheet: a high density expanded polyurethane core applied during production allows to enhance the product characteristics.

Panel components

panel components IsoCoppo Tek

  1. Tile shaped external metal surface (steel, aluminium, copper)
  2. High density 15 mm insulation
  3. Lateral seal
  4. Internal aluminium foil without aesthetic function
  5. Polyester-based coating


(with 130 mm overlapping) 2230, 2580, 3280, 3980 mm
985 mm
Initial part:
190 mm
Final part:
290 mm
130 mm
in prepainted steel 5,7 kg/m2
in prepainted aluminiumn 3,2 kg/m2
polyurethane high density 60 kg/m3
Insulation thickness:
15 mm
Minimum slope:
prepainted steel, prepainted aluminium, copper.
External finishing:
coppo red, antiqued coppo red, sand, antiqued sand.
Other finishings upon request

Fixing and overlapping

fixing on wood structure IsoCoppo Tek panel
Fixing on wood structure

Longitudinal overlap IsoCoppo Tek panel
Longitudinal overlap

Lateral overlap isoCoppo Tek panel
Lateral overlap

The lateral overlap of the sheet is quick and optimized thanks to the lateral seal.


Installation on a flexible insulating medium
Installation on a flexible insulating medium

supports every 350 mm

Installation on a stiff insulating medium
Installation on a stiff insulating medium

supports every 700 mm