IsoCoppo FV

IsoCoppo FV

It is the bracket for quickly and safely installing photovoltaic modules of any kind on any product in the Coppo-IsoCoppo range.

Componenti sistema tovoltaico  IsoCoppo FV

System components

1 - IsoCoppo roofing system

3 - IsoCoppo FV fixing bracket


  • Useful space for cables passage;
  • Surface for ventilation “under module”;
  • Functional separation between roofing and photovoltaic system;
  • Possibility of installation not contextual to roofing pose;
  • Quick installation;
  • Solution adaptable to any photovoltaic installation.

Assembly instructions

First phase assembly IsoCoppo FV bracket
First phase

Spread a layer of Alusik silicone under the IsoCoppo FV bracket.

Second phase assembly IsoCoppo FV bracket
Second phase

Install, joining it to the IsoCoppo sheet, making sure it is in the right position.

Third phase assembly IsoCoppo FV bracket
Third phase

Position the Alubel First profile (it must be of an adequate length).

Fourth phase assembly IsoCoppo FV bracket
Fourth phase

Secure everything with suitable fixings, anchoring to the underlying framework.

Our solution

photovoltaic panels on IsoCoppo roof