Il Coppo di Alubel

Il Coppo di Alubel

Is the tile shaped sheet produced to measure that enables the realization of new roofings and the restoration of old ones. It is produced in various materials and it includes also a wide range of accessories that have been developed specifically to adapt to the geometry of the profile.

metal sheet shaped like a tile Il Coppo di Alubel

Il Coppo is a metal sheet shaped like a tile and used to make roofs that are exactly like those of the typically Italian architecture. Its crowning glory is, first and foremost, an incredible lightness, equal to a tenth of the equivalent clay solution. Its considerable long life is also an added plus guaranteed by the choice of metal.


Corrugation height:
51 mm
985 mm
min. 1550 mm, max 6030 mm
Initial part:
90 mm
Final part:
85 - 340 mm
Sheet weight:
in steel 5,7 kg/m2
in aluminium 3,2 kg/m2
Minimum slope:
prepainted steel, prepainted aluminium, copper.
External finishing:
coppo red, antiqued coppo red, sand, antiqued sand.
Other finishings upon request.
Lateral overlapping Il Coppo di Alubel sheet

Lateral overlapping

Il Coppo di Alubel longitudinal overlapping

Longitudinal overlapping

Fixing on wood structure Il Coppo di Alubel

Fixing on wood structure

Coppo di Alubel on metal structure

Fixing on metallic frame


Il Coppo di Alubel can be installed even on metallic frame than in wood structures; distance between span must be each 350 mm.

Coppo di Alubel fixing and supports


The installation of Coppo/IsoCoppo range is characterised by an extreme simplicity and quickness: the possibility to assemble sheets to measure means assembling many square metres in less time.

Installation using one row of sheets per pitch

Installation using two rows of sheets per pitch

Correct fixing of sheets and overlap

Alublok fixing system, with its special EPDM joint, enables to obtain excellent results, in particular also with respect to the problem of the sheets thermal expansion.