IsoCoppo Piano

IsoCoppo Piano

It is the first tile shaped insulated panel introduced to the market: its shape was conceived right from the start to look as much as possible like traditional tiles.

tile shaped insulated panel IsoCoppo Piano

Each single roof now has to guarantee specific energy requirements which were unheard of only a few years ago: with this in mind Alubel designed Isocoppo Piano, the pressed, insulated, flat structural panel shaped like a tile. It is a classical sandwich panel with a double metal sheet and a polyurethane foam layer in between (density 35-40kg/m3) and has a far superior finish looking just like a traditional tile roof. In this way, Isocoppo Piano is suited to all applications, especially where greater sensitivity is required as regards to the surrounding landscape, whether it is town buildings (old town centres or in contexts of great worth) or a typically rural setting (farm houses, livestock sheds).

Panel components

panel components IsoCoppo Piano

  1. tile shaped external metal surface (steel, aluminium, copper)
  2. water drainage channel
  3. high thickness lateral seal (30 kg/m3)
  4. insulation made of constant density polyurethane foam
  5. internal surface with various finishings: white, with bituminous felt or aluminium foil without aesthetic function, and the new finishing painted wood
  6. condensation drainage channel


max 13.300 mm (moduli da 350 mm)
Initial section:
175 mm
Final section:
175 mm
130 mm
Weight of the panel:
in prepainted steel 10,3 kg/m2
in prepainted aluminium 7,7 kg/m2
Standard thickness:
40 mm
Average thickness:
65 mm
Other thicknesses:
30 - 50 - 60 - 80 mm
External support:
prepainted steel, prepainted aluminium, copper.
External finishes:
tile red, antiqued tile red, sand, antiqued sand.
Different finishes on demand and according to specific conditions.
Internal support:
Grey white, "Pireneo" white, faux cherry wood (painted), faux walnut wood (painted), ribbed aluminium, bituminized felt.


Fixing on a wooden structure IsoCoppo Piano panel
Fixing on a wooden structure

Fixing on a metal structure IsoCoppo Piano panel
Fixing on a metal structure

Heat insulation

From the point of view of heat insulation, the standard 40 mm version panels guarantee a transmission rate of U=0.377 W/mqK, but they are also available 100 mm thick with a transmission rate of U=0.189 W/m2K (value adequate to meet the strictest energy efficiency standards). The strong point of this solution is its load bearing capacity which, in the steel version with the standard 40 mm thickness can reach an allowable load greater than 300 kg/m2 for a span of 1.5 m meaning that it can be laid on sub-structures with larger spans. This does of course mean it is much quicker to lay making this solution ideal everywhere.


between supports
IsoCoppo 40 mm
steel 0,5 mm + steel 0,4 mm
IsoCoppo 40 mm
aluminium 0,7 mm + steel 0,4 mm
1,50 m 334 kg 180 kg
2,00 m 195 kg 167 kg
2,50 m 101 kg 93 kg

Load distributed evenly, expressed in daN/m2 for a double span and a downward load. Assessments carried out as per the ITC technical report no. 3962/RT/05, applying a 1.5 safety factor to the load corresponding to the strain, equal to 1/200 of the span.