Domestic and industrial roofing

Coppo/IsoCoppo is the range of Roman roof tile shaped sheets and panels created by Alubel, the leader company in designing and manufacturing roofing and façade systems.

Il Coppo di Alubel

Il Coppo di Alubel

is the right combination between tradition and innovation: a metal sheet in the “guise of a tile”, the aesthetic worth of a conventional Roman tile combined with the technology of metal.

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IsoCoppo Tek

IsoCoppo Tek

is an insulated monolithic sheet made in copper, aluminium or prepainted steel with its own particular architectural design in the shape of a Roman Tile.

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IsoCoppo Piano

IsoCoppo Piano

is an integrated system for covering the roof, complete with a range of complementary accessories to meet all design and architectural requirements.

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Coppo Roma

Coppo Roma

A new Roman tile shaped pressed sheet system combining the technology of metal with the tradition of clay roofs.

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Why Coppo-IsoCoppo?

With the products of the Coppo/IsoCoppo range you have a functional roof that is nice to look at and also practical, lightweight, secure and able to guarantee maximum waterproofness.

Maintenance free icon
Maintenance free

Roofs made with Coppo-IsoCoppo compared to those in traditional clay require infinitely less maintenance.

Waterproof guarantee icon
Waterproof guarantee

The panels of the Coppo-IsoCoppo range guarantee unparalleled waterproofness even if the roof has a very gentle slope.

icona installazione facile
Easy to install

They can be applied to any existing support, even in very difficult situations: simply prepare a light wooden or metal framework which means, in certain cases, you can D.I.Y.!

 accessories icon
Wide range of accessories

The whole Coppo-IsoCoppo range has a complete set of accessories designed to guarantee a simple and quick installation.

Exceptionally lightweight icon
Exceptionally lightweight

The weight of all panels in the Coppo-Isocoppo range is far less than the normal bricks or traditional tiles used.

photovoltaic icon
Application of photovoltaic modules

Thanks to the patented “Isocoppo FV” bracket photovoltaic modules can be installed with the maximum of ease and precision on any of the panels in the Coppo-IsoCoppo range.