IsoCoppo Range

Il Coppo di Alubel

Coppo is a made-to-measure tile shaped metal sheet that enables the realization of new roofs and the restoration of old ones. It can be made with various materials and also includes a wide range of accessories that have been designed specifically to adapt to the geometry of the profile.

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Coppo Alubel roof

IsoCoppo Tek roof

IsoCoppo Tek

IsoCoppo Tek is the new “reinforced” tile shaped pressed sheet: a core of high density polyurethane foam is applied during the manufacturing process which increases the product’s intrinsic properties. Its main characteristics are: lightness, a wide range of accessories and standard lengths with overlapping and polyurethane already removed.

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IsoCoppo Piano

IsoCoppo Piano was the first tile shaped insulated panel introduced to the market: its shape was conceived right from the start to look as much as possible like a traditional Roman tile. This resulted in the creation of the tile shaped pressed panel with an average insulating material the thickness of which is the highest in the market.

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IsoCoppo Piano roof

Tetto Coppo Roma

Coppo Roma

Coppo Roma is the new system of Roman tile-shaped sheets that brings together the technology of metal and the tradition of clay roofs. Coppo Roma is not just a simple metal sheet but an integrated system to cover the roof, completed by a range of accessories and special items aimed at satisfying all project requirements.

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